K readiness

Our January story time was attended by 37 students. Mr. Tom Esposito, physical education instructor, read The Big Snowball by Wendy Chyette Lewison. The children enjoyed following the travels of the runaway snowball in this picture reader. They participated in various stations using beanbag snowballs to improve their fine motor coordination. A copy of the book and information on each of the stations were provided to each child in a drawstring backpack.  Our guidance counselor, technology coach, and principal provided the parents with information about the kindergarten registration process. (Pictured- Hines Kromel, Mr. Esposito, and Camryn Cinbulk)

 Nov K Readiness
 Our November story time was attended by many excited children representing seven preschool environments. It was held during parent-teacher conferences. Those who attended met Mr. Sabo, one of Grandview’s art teachers.  The children created their own masterpieces and practiced forming different letters. Each child received a book, tools to continue their artistic creativity, and a special snack.  (Pictured- Tye Rause, Mr. Sabo, and Lola Mazzoni)
Grandview Story Time

Derry Area School District Grandview Elementary held Story Time for 2017-2018 Future Kindergarten Students on Monday, October 10 in the Grandview Library.  The purpose of Story Time is to introduce the children to the school and provide them with an opportunity to become familiar with the staff.  Kindergarten Teacher, Maggi Wnek, read to the 35 children in attendance.  The book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Jaffe Numeroff with illustration by Felicia Bond, was then presented to the children to add to their personal home libraries.  Other activities included practicing printing their names and recognizing colors.  The Mouse made a special appearance, and the children were treated to a cookie and milk.  Pictured is Mallory McMahen and The Mouse.  Story Time was coordinated by Jennifer Faas, Literacy Coach.

Story Time is sponsored by Derry Area School District Transition Team and Title I Schoolwide Program.