Welcome Baby Package
    Derry Area announces a Welcome Baby Package as a part of its continuing Early Childhood Literacy Program.  The Welcome Baby Package is for families of newborns who reside in the Derry Area School District.  Families complete a postcard from a display found at the local pediatrician’s office and return it to the district.  Upon receiving the postcard, the district sends a free Welcome Baby Package to the family.  The package contains information about the DASD, highlighting the Early Childhood and Kindergarten Readiness tabs on the DASD website (pa01000192.schoolwires.net) and includes the Building Blocks for Babies resource for parents of children ages birth to age three, as well as a soft baby book and an adorable Tiny Trojan bib.  Pictured is a family enrolled in the program – Frank, Primrose and Skye Denara (front) and (back) Barbie Jones (DASD Early Childhood Literacy Liaison)
    and Cheryl Walters 
                For additional information about the "Welcome Baby Package"
                                    Contact: Barbie Jones  724-694-1377
    The American Academy of Pediatrics releases new policy on Reading to Kids during Infancy