• Kindergarten Skills for Success


    o      Print first name (capitalize first letter only)

    o     Once first name is mastered, practice printing last name

    Have your child practice saying his/her first and last name clearly so others can understand


    o      Recognize and identify colors


    o      Recognize and identify numbers 0-10

    o     Count aloud to 25

    o     Count groups of objects (up to 10 items in group)


    o     Recognize and identify circle, square, rectangle and triangle

    Alphabet Recognition

    Identify capital letters

    o     Begin to identify lowercase letters

    Fine Motor

    o      Help develop your child's fine motor skills by providing them with opportunities to practice the following activities:

    • Cutting with scissors 
    • Zippering  
    • Buttoning
    • Dressing themselves
    • Coloring with crayons
    • Drawing with a pencil (encourage correct pencil grip)

    First Sound

    o      Say a word and ask your child to name the first (beginning) sound they hear in the word.  The beginning sound in ball is /b/. 

    • Example: You say “football.”  Your child should respond with the /f/ sound.
    • Example: You say “spin.”  Your child should respond with the /s/ sound.


    o     Explain to your child words that rhyme sound the same at the end.  Say, “Fan and ran rhyme because they sound the same at the end.”

    o     Say 2 words and ask if they rhyme ~ (jet/let – yes) (wish/dog – no)

    o     Say 3 words and ask which words rhyme ~ (pig, big, fog) (pig and big rhyme)

    o     Say a word and ask your child to say a word that rhymes with it ~ silly/nonsense words are okay

    o   Example: You say “sit.” Your child could a say “vit.”


    o     Say the word’s parts.  Ask your child to blend the pieces together to say the word.

    o   /tr/…/uck/ = truck           /r/…/at/ = rat                  /fl/…/at/ = flat


    o     Say a two syllable word.  Ask your child to say one of the word’s parts.

    o   Example: You say “mailbox.”  Your child could say “mail” or “box.”

    o   Example: You say “kitten.”  Your child could say “kit” or “ten.”