• College Bound Student Athlete

    There are so many aspects to becoming a collegiate student athlete that it can be overwhelming at time.  Be smart, use your resources such as the guidance department, athletic director, and coaches.  Know that we cannot help you unless you communicate your interests to us.  Only when we are knowledgeable of your ideal path can we help point you in the right direction.  Below are links to helpful websites that contain information related to the recruiting process. 

    Pointers on Maximizing your Transition from Interscholastic High School Athletics to Collegiate Athletics:

    1. Be realistic about your skill level.  Compare your biological and statistical information to those already in the collegiate sport you wish to play.  Often times, students and parents have unrealistic expectations about recruiting and scholarships.  Use websites such as ESPN, Rivals, and Scout to compare your information to others.  
    2. Speak to your coaches about contacting college coaches and athletic departments.  Do so in a timely manner, waiting until the start or end of your senior season is too late.  The recruiting process begins your freshman year. 
    3.  Diversify yourself.  Unless you are a rare elite talent, you will need to diversify your skill set to be attractive to college scouts.  Specializing in one sport will hinder you more than help you.