• The Derry Area School District commends those students choosing to attend athletic competitions in support of our teams.  This support is recognized by the student athletes competing and can help motivate them on the way to success.  Students participating in a student section are given the privilege of representing our school spirit at home and away athletic competitions.  This privilege comes with a great responsibility however, and we ask that those participating please review and abide by the following guidelines.

    Acceptable Behavior

    • Clothing that meets the Derry Area School District dress code guidelines.
    • Face paint that does not cover more than half of your face.
    • Applauding and cheering for your team during introductions, the contest and post-game handshake.
    • Signs that support your school team.
    • Staying in assigned student cheering section.
    • Well planned and appropriate cheers.
    • Students should be seated and not loitering in hallways or walking areas.

     Unacceptable Behavior

    • Students not properly clothed will be asked to leave the site.
    • Any face paint or masks that conceal the identity of an individual.
    • Derogatory cheers, chants, songs, actions, or gestures directed toward opposing teams, their fans or the officials, including during pre-game and introductions.
    • Props are not permitted in an athletic site.
    • Derogatorily singling out a player, official, or coach with chants, cheers, and comments.
    • Noisemakers – cowbells, horns, sirens, and whistles. Both the presence and use of balloons, sirens, whistles, vuvuzelas, and portable listening devices (without earphones) are prohibited.
    • Any theme, sign, or chant that aims to target a race, individual, or team is not permitted.

    Students and spectators will be asked to leave the premises if this type of behavior occurs.