• Request of Facilities 
    The Derry Area School District offers state-of-the-art facilities to community groups, recreational programs, non-profits, and many organizations around the community.  Below you will find information pertaining to our facilities. Please carefully review the "Facility Request Policy, Fees, and Other Information" portion before requesting any facilities.  Please contact Mr. Brett Miller, Director of Athletics, Transportation, and Community Recreation Programs at (724)694-1419.
    This document contains information related to pricing, security deposit, and insurance information.  Please take a few minutes to review prior to making your request.
    Here you will find instructions explaining how to submit a request.  Please keep in mind that your requests need to be submitted in a timely manner to allow for the approval process.  Requests made within 14 days of your event may be denied.
    Here you will login to make your request.  If you do not have a username or password you will need to create one.  Be sure you are on the "Requester Login" page and not the "Admin Login" page prior to signing in.