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Updated December 11th,2020



News and Updates

December 2nd - Change in Educational Model

November 24th - Travel Restrictions

November 18th - Thanksgiving Week Revised Schedule

November 13th - Nurse's Notes & Updates

November 6th - Covid Update

October 30th - Covid Update

October 29th - Board Presentation

October 21st - Covid Update

October 16th - Covid Update

October 13th - Covid-19 - Student

October 12th - School Closure

 Breakfast-Lunch Program


 August 21st - Modified Opening

 August 20th - Face Covering Order


August 6th Slideshow: - Visit the following link for the DASD Education Options 2020-21 slideshow - Click Here


Detailed PDF: Visit the following link for the DASD Phased Reopening COVID-19 Pandemic Health and Safety Plan with signed Attestation Form - Click Here


To see Derry Area School District's Continuity of Education Plan please visit the following link -


Wolf Administration Receives Approval to Launch Food Access Program for Students During COVID-19 Crisis -


CDC - Covid-19 Facts


DASD Covid-19 Guidance & Resources Page

June 24th - School Opening