• Room A235  

    ·         Homework: Assignments are written on the board daily. It is the students’ responsibility to copy assignments in their agendas from BOTH of their teachers. Homework will be indicated in the agenda by a circled “HW.”

    ·         Students who fail to complete or forget their homework will be assigned to the work room during recess. Points will be deducted as well.

    ·         Home-School-Connection Folder: Please check nightly for important information!

    ·         Student Agenda: Students fill in their agendas daily to help them with organizational skills.  HW assignments and upcoming events, along with occasional notes from the teachers, will be indicated here.  Students are to get their agendas signed or initialed at least once a week-- I check on Fridays! 

    Donations:  Donations of Lysol/Clorox Wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer are always welcome!  
    We also do many STEAM projects that require newspaper, toilet paper rolls, and paper towel rolls. :)