• Derry Area Athletic Philosophy

    Interscholastic athletics are to be an integral part of the total secondary school educations program that has as its purpose to provide educational experiences not provided in the school's curriculum.  The interscholastic athletic program shall be primarily for the benefit of the students who participate either directly or indirectly.  Participation in the athletic program is a privilege granted to those interested students who meet the minimum standards of eligibility.  Interscholastic activities shall be kept in proper perspective and must supplement the academic program.  A sound athletic program provides the students with a safe environment in which they have fun, build character, learn to practice sportsmanship and develop skills and traits that help them become responsible citizens and live happy, healthy lives.  Such a program generates enthusiasm, loyalty, and school spirit.  It helps to promote good health, sound body, and an alert mind.  The success of any season should be judged on the number of participants and spectators and the acquisition of new skills by those participating, the amount of enthusiasm generated, and how well good citizenship, team play and sportsmanship were taught.