• Derry Area Health and
    Physical Education Department

    The Physical Education Program at Derry Area promotes a healthy lifestyle by emphasizing lifelong fitness.  Our program encompasses fitness based exercise, aquatics, rock climbing, cooperative team athletics, and individually based activity providing the students with a program that offers a variety of exercise.  Our department also stresses gamesmanship among the students.  Our willingness to guide the students at Derry Area to an active lifestyle is something that we enjoy and pride ourselves in.  Please feel free to scroll down through our department page to see the faculty, and learn a little more about what we do.
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    Health and
    Education Lessons
    We teach a variety of lessons in our Physical Education Department ranging from swimming to archery, and even team handball.  We also have a rock climbing wall that the students really enjoy!  During the year, we try to impress upon the student's the importance of physical activity.  We believe it is not about how good you are at something, but rather how much you strive to get better.  In doing so, you get the physical activity needed each day to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We enjoy teaching your children and look forward to working with them throughout the year.

    Weight Training    
    Swimming   pp

    What Do We Teach
    Team Sports                     Individual Sports
    West Football                                           Tennis
    Soccer                                                      Archery
    Volleyball                                                  Distance Running
    Ultimate Frisbee                                       Swimming
    Team Handball                                          Rock Climbing
    Floor Hockey                                             Ping Pong
    Basketball                                                 Badminton
                                                                     Weight Training

    We will grade our students on their participation and effort in each unit that we teach.  We will NOT grade based on athletic skills and/or ability.