• Art -High School Electives

    Courses are subject to changes in description and availability. Some material fees may also apply.


    NOTE: In order to meet the State of Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities, all students must select at least one Arts and Humanities (Art, Vocal Music, and Instrumental Music) course (.5 credit or more) per their high school career as part of their elective requirement.




    No prior high school art experience necessary




    (Semester) Credit .5

                This course introduces the basic elements of design.  Students will create numerous two dimensional designs incorporating a number of different art media.  The Basic Design course is recommended for those students who are interested in an Art experience but have limited drawing skills.




    (Semester) Credit .5

                This introductory course offers various opportunities for hands on experiences in ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, printmaking, painting, etc.  This class is designed for the beginner, someone who desires to try a little bit of everything.  The class is open to students in grades 9-10-11.  Students will be responsible for some material cost.




    (Semester) Credit .5

                A class in drawing is recommended before enrolling in any of the other art courses.  This basic introductory class will expose students to the skills and techniques used in the classic art subjects of still life, landscape, and figure drawing.  Emphasis is on the observation and rendering of light and shadow in a realistic drawing.



    Beyond introductory, but no prerequisites



    (Semester) Credit .5

                If you are looking for a hands-on experience, ceramics is for you.  Students will explore hand building, sculpting, and wheel throwing to produce pottery and other functional ceramic forms.  Students will study the stages of clay, glaze applications, and firing procedure.




    (Semester) Credit .5

                Learn to create visionary works of art using the computer and image manipulation software.  Begin with personal drawings, paintings, photos, or computer drawn images and combine these elements with the software’s native tools.  Driven by the visual imagery of the design work on such films as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and Avatar, learn how a new generation of artists have embraced a dazzling array of digital technology that can be used to create breathtaking works of art.




    (Semester) Credit .5

                Although not required, it is recommended that students interested in painting first complete a course in Drawing.  Emphasis is placed on techniques for mixing and blending hues, tints and shades to help students develop skills in the handling of color.  Students will be exposed to different approaches to painting to enable them to discover the techniques and subjects that best express their personal style.




    (Semester) Credit .5

                Students in this class will express themselves through three-dimensional art works.  The work of past and present sculptors will be observed and evaluated throughout this course.  Students will create their three-dimensional forms by exploring various media such as wood, metal, plaster, clay, etc.




    (Semester) Credit .5

                Go beyond paper and canvas to create entire virtual worlds that exist only in your imagination. This course allows students the chance to explore high-end 3D animation programs, like 3DS Max, which are used in feature films, broadcast mediums and game development.  Computer experience is preferred, but not necessary. 




    Prerequisite and instructor’s approval



    (Semester) Credit .5

                Students with advanced art skills can request to work on projects of their own design to receive independent study credits.  Projects can be self-designed to meet individualized goals based on student’s needs and interests.  Examples might include portfolio creation for post-secondary school applications.  Instructor approval is required.